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Drawing on over 45 years of experience in the all phases of the gemstone business the Michelsen Gemstone Index provides
updated wholesale pricing on diamonds , over 20 variety of  colored gemstones and pearls. It also gives you  information on
diamond color and clarity grading standards, pricing of fancy colored diamonds, how to estimate a diamonds weight  and
wholesale to retail markup calculation. Additionally it covers colored gemstone evaluation criteria as well as  colored stone
weight estimation formulas.
Sofus S. Michelsen,  a  Graduate Gemologist, Certified Master Gemcutter, and
instructor in gem identification, grading and evaluation, developed a  defensible
pricing structure for gemstones.  He  began publishing The Michelsen Gemstone
Index in 1983. The Michelsen Gemstone Index a quarterly publication is currently
accepted in more than 30 countries.  The index is used as a guideline by appraisers,
wholesalers, distributors, educators and jewelers in more than thirty countries. A
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Known worldwide for his book, coauthored by Basil Watermeyer, “the Art of
Diamond Cutting , Michelsen is a former Senior Charter Member of the National
Association of Gem and Jewelry Appraisers, and a former Vice-President of the GIA
Alumni Association, Florida State Chapter, Founder/President of the GIA New
Jersey Chapter as well as former member of the Alumni Board.
Michelsen's experience includes purchasing rough gemstones in Africa, the Far
East and South America, owning a gem cutting factory producing 500 carats of cut
and polished gemstones daily, instructing at Gem Spectrum , a lapidary and
gemology school in the State of Florida, as well as owning , operating and
instructing at The Diamond Institute in New York State. Michelsen has also owned
two retail jewelry stores and an appraisal business.
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